Leading Dutch technologies for storing potatoes, onions, garlic and other vegetables


Van Dijk Technics is a modern European company, founded in Holland in 1991 as a family business and today it is a reliable expert in the storage of agricultural products.

The engineering organization was founded in cooperation with the leading manufacturer of potato equipment Grimme, for the production and sale of high quality potato storage systems.

Supported by its sister company MEKO, which specializes in refrigeration technology, Van Dijk Technics quickly gained a positive reputation in the storage industry.

Experts in storage

Dutch vegetable storage technologies

Partially localized production.

Equipment cost is lower than in Holland

Over 20 years of experience

Successfully completed projects in Ukraine and the CIS

Individual selection of equipment

Customer needs are taken into account


Your crop – our care!

Our business has combined a pioneering spirit, perfect Dutch technologies, and highly skilled engineering expertise for over 20 years. We always have new ideas to make your storage even better:

  • introduction of new technologies and modern equipment;
  • energy efficiency measures;
  • continuous training of our employees;
  • cooperation with scientific institutions around the world.

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+38 098 271 70 70 VanDijkTechn@gmail.com Kiev, 150a Akademika Zabolotnogo str., of. 82
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